Partner Spotlight: Ice Cream Edition

Summer has arrived, and that means it’s time to indulge in more of everybody’s favorite spoonable dessert. And when it comes to ice cream, we’re happy playing favorites. We can’t get enough of our partners – Smitten, Humphrey Slocombe, Van Leeuwen and Jeni’s! Read on to learn more about what makes each of these local legends special.


Founded by Robyn Sue Fisher in 2009, Smitten’s fresh-churned ice cream uses only unprocessed, real, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Since the early days of selling reengineered ice cream from a wagon to crowds on the streets of SF, Smittens continues to trailblaze with the highest integrity to satisfy their devoted following. 

All Day Top Picks: Brookies ‘n Cream, Chocolate Ganache

Humphry Slocombe

Making unexpected ice cream since 2008, Humphry Slocombe is a SF treasure. The brand’s namesake derives from founders Jake Godby and Sean Vahey’s shared love of the 1970’s sitcom “Are you being served?” featuring Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slombe. Crack open a pint and let the creators take you on a trip to their “bizarre, delicious, frozen universe.”

All Day Top Picks: Secret Breakfast, Hong Kong Milk Tea


Founded by Jeni Bauer in 2002, Jeni’s fresh-churned ice cream uses only unprocessed, real, sustainable ingredients and dairy from grass-pastured cows. Since the early days of selling ice cream at farmers markets, Jeni’s has been devoted to offering creative spins on classic flavors that bring people together.

All Day Top Picks: Sweet Cream Biscuits & Pink Jam, Salted Peanut butter with chocolate flakes

Van Leeuwen

Making innovative ice cream since 2008, brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen has developed a cult following for their high butter, heavy-yolk artisanal pints. With out of ordinary combinations, and the creamiest texture, it’s no secret Van Leeuwen strives to think outside the pint and satisfy their devoted following. 

All Day Top Picks: Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Brownie Honeycomb

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