Meet the world’s first Distributed Restaurant Platform.

This is how we do it.



Restaurants prepare meals with the same care you know and love.



A trained crew transports the dishes to the satellite kitchens.



Orders come in – the food is fired, finished and handed off for delivery and pick up.



Diners enjoy access to beloved restaurant food in their own neighborhood.

Expand your reach. Not your overhead.

Unlike ghost kitchens, our plug-and-play platform lets restaurants expand delivery with no additional costs or leases, while focusing on what they love—making delicious food.

A trusted partnership.

Restaurant dishes were designed to be enjoyed onsite. Our restaurant partners love working with our chefs to reimagine how delivery food is prepped and transported offsite – with a laser-focus on quality.

Better delivery experiences.

Using forecasting, proprietary software and a revolutionary food-prep model, we minimize wait time, protect food quality and ensure order accuracy—down to the last dumpling.

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