Virtual Kitchen Co is now All Day Kitchens and we’re expanding to Chicago

A message from our founders.

We started this company two years ago, on mission to:  

‘Empower restaurants to thrive in the digital ordering, takeout and delivery era.’

With the pandemic, this past year has been incredibly challenging for restaurant owners and chefs. We felt an even stronger drive to build the best opportunity platform to help restaurants go distributed and expand their reach to new customers. Today, we’re renaming the company to All Day Kitchens to better reflect that vision.

Why ‘All Day’?

First, we wanted to capture the high energy of a busy kitchen, and ‘all day’ is kitchen lingo for total orders across tickets. 

“Can I get an all day on French fries?”

It also means getting it done with certainty, almost like it’s automatic. Restaurant partners often tell us they really like that the platform is turn key and almost plug and play to their existing business. We think All Day Kitchens captures that spirit. 

For consumers, we’re bringing delicious menus to more people in more places, with extended hours of operation. What better way to capture high availability and vast selection than ordering ‘All Day’! 

What’s Next

We’re excited to share that we’re expanding All Day Kitchens to Chicago, launching with some amazing local brands such as Cheesie’s, uncooked, Devil Dawgs, Demera, Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles, and ROOH. We’re really excited about our upcoming roster with HaiSous, Mott Street, Protein Bar and ten more brands launching in June.

Our ambitions don’t stop in Chicago. We have big plans to bring the platform to more cities across the US in coming months, so stay tuned and reach out to join forces! 

Finally, a big thank you to the wonderful restaurants we’ve had the chance to partner with. It’s been a privilege to work with such a resilient, entrepreneurial, and diverse group of chefs, restaurateurs, and food brands. We’re excited to innovate together as the industry looks to reopening for a long, prosperous future!

Come find us.