There’s a better way to do delivery and takeout.

Whether you’re a restaurant ready to evolve or just a food-lover craving a satisfying meal, there’s a better way. The fact is, restaurants weren’t designed to reach their full delivery and pick up potential in the digital era.

The solution? The Distributed Restaurant.

Our plug-and-play platform offers a new sales channel that dramatically expands your reach and improves the offsite dining experience – all while protecting food quality.

Ingredients you can trust.

Culinary Lab

Our expert chef team works with each restaurant to develop a delivery-optimized menu then rigorously tests each dish until it’s perfect.

Marketplace Distribution

We offer a one-stop-shop for restaurants to drive training, cooking and distribution across our network of satellite kitchens located in customer-dense areas.

Last-Mile Optimization

Between our strategically placed locations, order accuracy technology and compressed finishing times, we’re more effective than any alternative.

Advanced Logistics

We monitor customer feedback and sales to predict order demand and distribution needs, maximizing partner sales capacity and efficiency.

“All Day has enabled us to provide customers a true taste of the China Live experience at home and beyond our market, increasing order frequency, customer engagement, and profits.” George Chen
China Live

We drive real results for our restaurants.

  1. Partner-first model designed for long term sustainability.
  2. The revenue of a new location without lease or labor costs.
  3. Average order-to-pick up time is under 5 minutes.
  4. Extended hours for incremental sales from 11am to 2am.

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